Design By George

With sizes from kids 2yrs up to 7XL, different weights, different fits, and multitudes of colour options, a very comprehensive range is available.  Below are a few notes to help you choose which garment is best suited for you: 

Weight & Quality

We have four ranges:

-          Lightweight:     200-220gsm

-          aurora280:       Mid weight 280gsm

-          aurora360:       Heavy weight 360gsm

-          premium400:   Super heavy weight 400gsm

When comparing brands, it is possible for a lighter weight fabric to feel thicker than a heavier one, due to construction and brushing differences. 

The weight doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality; it is possible to get poor quality heavy weight hoodies, and likewise good quality lighter weight hoodies. 

Aurora garments feature high quality yarns to ensure optimum long term performance. 


Fabric blends:

Typically hoodies are made using a cotton/polyester mix. 

The different blends each have advantages:

-          Higher polyester content fabrics such as the aurora280 range are usually more colourfast, less prone to shrinkage, and longer lasting

-          Higher cotton content fabrics such as the aurora360 and aurora400 ranges usually pill less, and screenprint better.

Aurora360 and aurora400 cotton rich styles utilize high grade fibres, dyes and mill processes to produce fabrics rivaling poly/cotton for colour, shape and shrinkage control, while providing an easier fabric to print on.


Sizing and fit:

Some hoodies are designed to be more fitted than others, hence an XL in one style may have a different fit to an XL in another style.

Aurora ‘Classic fit’ is generous but not baggy, while Aurora ‘Fashion fit’ features closer fitting body and sleeves.

Different fabrics can affect the fit; styles featuring ‘stretch’ fabrics are designed fo fit closer than non-stretch styles. 

Aurora womens styles are sized 8, 10, 12 etc.

As different sizings are used by different countries and manufacturers, it is often difficult to compare directly.

An Aurora womens 8 usually equates to a womens XS (US sizing), 10=S, 12=M and so on. 

ALWAYS use sizing samples from the correct range.



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